Fear is a universal emotion. And it’s not all bad. Good fear protects us from danger and prevents us from hurting ourselves. We need it to stay safe. But that’s not the only kind of fear we experience in life.


Bad fear paralyzes us from doing what we ought to do and provokes us into doing what we ought not to do. Sadly, this kind of fear is far more common. But if Immanuel (“God with us”) has come in Jesus, then we can step into the future God has for us with these encouraging words ringing in our hearts: “Fear not!”


Join us for our Advent sermon series “Fear Not: Trusting God One Promise at a Time.”


Part 1: The High Cost of Fear (Numbers 13:30-14:12)
Part 2: Moving Beyond Fear (Exodus 14:10-15)
Part 3: The Right Kind of Fear (Exodus 1:8-22)
Part 4: Overcoming Fear (Psalm 27:1-6 and Selected)


Sunday services begin at 10:30 a.m.