Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

What is the desired future at Christ Community Church?

The vision of Christ Community Church is to be a joy-filled, gospel-centered, grace-oriented, Spirit-empowered flock that multiplies disciples of Christ who live out their faith in all areas of life. 

We seek to be a loving, caring, holy, vibrant, multi-racial, and multi-generational church family that glorifies God while participating in his kingdom work both here and around the world.

Our Values

What are you passionate about at Christ Community Church?

The core values of Christ Community Church include:

1.  The supremacy of Christ in all things

2.  Biblical truth in preaching and teaching

3.  Compassion for one another and this broken world

4.  Commitment to gospel outreach and spiritual formation

5.  Grace in our relationships inside and outside the church

6.  Authenticity in worship, prayer, fellowship, and ministry

7.  The quest to help people flourish in this life and the next

C. S. Lewis once said that true friendship is born when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself….” Loneliness is then pushed back, and the image of God is lived out through us as we do life together. At Christ Community Church, we’re not interested in flexing our spiritual muscles in front of each other. We’re interested in fostering authenticity, inspiring hope, and helping people flourish.

For more theological reflections on finding hope amidst the aches, pains, and disappointments of life, check out Pastor Tim’s blog post on This New Life called, “The Death and Resurrection of Hope in a World of Despair.”

Purpose & Mission

Why We’re Here & What We’re Seeking to Do

Theology & Beliefs

Truths We Treasure & Doctrines We Proclaim

Pastor & Team

Those Who Serve & Support Our Congregation