Facilities Map

Church Layout

Christ Hall

Christ Community Church meets in a building we call Christ Hall, where we gather for worship, Sunday school classes, meetings, fellowship events, and other activities. Christ Hall has three floors, with two main stairways and an elevator for ease of accessibility.

Dech Chapel

Dech Chapel, where we worship on Sunday mornings, is located on the first floor, straight through the main entrance doorways. The balcony can be accessed from the second floor. Guests and older members of Christ Community Church are invited to park in the convenience parking lot, enter at the ground level, and take the elevator to the first floor, which opens near the sanctuary.


The rest of Christ Hall consists of offices, classrooms, storage rooms, and bathrooms. The Student Center is located on the ground floor. If you visit Christ Community Church for Sunday school, our greeters will be able to help you get to the right classroom.

Facilities Map

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