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So Many Sites, So Little Time

The internet is a big place, giving it some upsides and downsides. On the one hand, good Christian resources are now available at the click of a mouse to help us with our Bible studies and devotional lives. On the other hand, questionable (or even harmful) material can also be found everywhere, making the digital landscape sometimes difficult to navigate. We’ve compiled a small list of sites that you may find useful, helpful, and/or inspiring in your Christian journey.

Included Links Are Not Endorsements

Please note that the inclusion of a link below does not imply endorsement of all content found on that particular site, so please read with discernment. Important voices from outside our theological tradition are included to deepen, sharpen, and enrich our own perspective, as well as to foster an appreciation for believers in the larger body of Christ.

Some Resource Links

Bibles and Bible Study Sites – a searchable online Bible in over 150 versions – free Bible videos on different books and themes of the Bible – high-quality photos from the biblical world, compiled by Todd Bolen – a non-denominational website with a collection of Bible study resources – reviews and ratings of biblical, theological, and practical works

Christian Reflection and Devotional Sites

Our Daily Bread – the popular daily devotional online
Daily Prayer – a daily non-denominational prayer and devotions resource
Max Lucado – daily devotions from this popular Christian author
Alistair Begg – daily devotions from this popular Christian preacher
Ann Voskamp – periodic reflections from this popular Christian author
Chuck Swindoll – daily devotions from this popular Christian preacher
Charles Stanley – daily devotions from this popular Christian preacher

Christian News & Analysis Sites – an evangelical Christian periodical founded by Billy Graham – a magazine of news, educational articles, and other resources for believers – a content resource organized by classic categories of Christian thought
BreakPoint Podcast – news and cultural analysis from a Christian worldview
World Magazine – daily coverage of global, national, and cultural events from a biblical perspective
The Stream – a Christian source for breaking news, inspiration, analysis, and entertainment
The Christian Post – a non-denominational, evangelical Christian online newspaper

Christian Bloggers & Cultural Commentators 

Tim Challies – a blogger in the Reformed tradition
Gene Veith – a blogger in the Lutheran tradition
Timothy Tennent – a blogger in the Methodist tradition
Al Mohler – a blogger in the Southern Baptist tradition
Craig Keener – a blogger in the National Baptist tradition
N. T. Wright – a blogger in the Anglican tradition
Hank Hannegraaf – a blogger in the Eastern Orthodox tradition
Tim Valentino – lead pastor of Christ Community Church

Christian Apologetics & Archaeology Sites

Todd Bolen – news and analysis related to biblical geography, history, and archaeology
Stand to Reason – the apologetics ministry of Greg Koukl
Apologetics315 – a compilation site featuring daily apologetics resources – the apologetics ministry of Frank Turek
Gary Habermas – online resources and media from this Christian apologist
Reasonable Faith – the apologetics ministry of William Lane Craig
Bible Archaeology Reportarchaeological findings demonstrating the reliability of Scripture

Christian Organizations & Compilation Blogs – church leader resources for greater kingdom impact worldwide
Touchstone – a journal of mere Christianity focusing on the shared beliefs of Christians
First Things – an ecumenaical Christian journal of religion and public life
Juicy Ecumenism – blog of the Institute on Religion & Democracy
Christ and Pop Culture online magazine addressing important issues and topics in popular culture
Twin Pines – website for the denominational camp, conference, and retreat center
StoneRidge Retirement Living – denominational organization providing senior care
Evangelical Congregational Church – denominational website featuring news and resources

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