Next Steps at Christ Community

Stepping Up 

The Jesus Journey at Christ Community

Christian discipleship is about taking your next step in a Jesus-first life. We want to walk with you as you take that step—whatever it may be, and wherever you may find yourself on your spiritual journey. If you’re going to take a step, we’d like to take it with you!

Connect & Commit

For most people, next steps will involve a few intentional connections and a few intentional commitments, both of which are lived out in the context of the local church. We want to encourage and facilitate these steps, helping you cultivate both meaningful relationships and meaningful ministries at Christ Community Church.

With life speeding by at a hectic pace, the need for deep, personal connection is great. This reality is especially true in times of social isolation and depersonalization. We need each other because God has made us for relationship.

Check out the connection opportunities on our website, and then contact us for assistance about specific ways to get involved and who to talk to in order to get started.

Jesus Leads the Way

Volunteers are critical to the life of the church, too. Indeed, we were made for service as well as for fellowship. Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45). Christ led the way when it came to ministering to others. We grow by following his example.

From serving in one of our local church ministries and neighborhood outreaches to taking global impact trips to the other side of the world, there’s a volunteer opportunity for everyone at Christ Community Church.

Check out the service opportunities on our website, and then contact us for assistance about specific ways to serve and who to talk to in order to get started.

Stepping Out

Never Alone

It can be a little scary to get started on the journey. We’re sometimes not even sure where to place our foot for that next step. Self-doubt, past wounds, and myriad distractions can all make it hard to know where to go. We know how you feel. We’re just ordinary folks, too, finding our way with the help of the Lord and each other.

Maybe a clue can be found in how you’re wired. What are your passions? What are your spiritual gifts? What lights you up in life? Can you use things for the kingdom of God? Why did God give you to the body of Christ?

However you answer these questions—and some of your answers may depend on what season of life you’re in—all of us are called to move from “sitting and soaking” to “sacrificing and serving.” Let us help!

Here We Go

It’s the healthy rhythm of the Christian life—being and doing; receiving and giving; resting and working. How might God be leading you when it comes to next steps at Christ Community Church?

•  The Step of Church Involvement?

•  The Step of Christian Baptism?

•  The Step of Church Membership?

•  The Step of Church Service

Use our Contact page and let us hear from you. We’d love to have you join the adventure of connecting, growing, reaching, and serving. 

We believe our best days are ahead as we work together to love God, serve people, and inspire hope!

Still pondering where you belong in the Body of Christ? For more theological reflections on where your calling might lie, check out Pastor Tim’s blog post on This New Life called, “Purpose and Pleasure: Partners in Finding and Navigating Our Vocation in Life.”


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