Christ Community Church will be holding a “baby shower” for Align Life Ministries this summer, collecting several items their ministry can put to good use. Their most needed items right now include:

⋅ Baby wipes
⋅ Infant carriers
⋅ Baby carriers
⋅ Sippee cups
⋅ Mr. Browns Bottles
⋅ Toddler eating utensils
⋅ Nursing pads
⋅ Socks for toddlers
⋅ Formula: Similac Advance and Sensitive
⋅ Formula: All kinds of Enfamil
⋅ Diapers: sizes 3–7 and Pull-Ups
⋅ Diaper bags: especially the back pack kind

Donated items may be placed in the Pack ’n Play in the church narthex or brought to the church picnic on Sunday, July 17. Thank you!

2022 Align Life Baby Shower Flyer